Learn Music with Evoéh

Evoéh was born with the desire to emphasize the legacy of folk and traditional music, and this objective has always taken the educational aspect into account. That is why since its inception, Evoéh has worked to bring its music closer to new audiences and to complement the artistic offerings with workshops and master classes. In some of our concerts, we even offer the audience a chance to ask questions so that they can clarify any doubts about the repertoire or the musical interpretation. In this way, we can assure that no one goes home without knowing the name of an instrument that they may never have seen before.

With a clear educational vocation and the knowledge that our extensive training and experience as teachers has given us, Evoéh is launching the publication of educational videos and tutorials on the YouTube channel. The objective is to share musical knowledge and above all encourage everyone to improve their artistic skills. In the first videos, we offer you the possibility of learning to read a guitar tablature, to change the strings of an African Kora or to play an emblematic song from Klezmer music. You can also find study resources such as rhythmic patterns that allow you to practice bulerías and soleás; as well as interviews with musicians from other countries to discover melodies and instruments that are as unusual as they are fascinating.

Here are the first four educational videos that are already available for viewing:

We encourage you to browse the published videos, subscribe to our Evoéh YouTube channel to stay up to date with all the news and to leave comments with suggestions and requests.

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