“It is a joy for me to see that the work I do bears fruit. Because the idea of this is not that it be stored and cataloged in the record library, as it is, but that it revives in young voices. In all the music you do, you can see that you treat the repertoire with respect and love. This is very important. In addition to the beautiful voice and the musicality of the accompaniment, treating each song with love, with respect and with pleasure, is worth a lot. Congratulations!”

Susana Weich-Shahak - PhD degree in Musicology at the Tel Aviv University and Expert in Sephardic music

"Evoking old popular songs, Evoéh manage to capture the audience with an invocation of fresh musical air"

Jordi Pizarro - Director of the Barcelona Certamen Llobet and the Guitar Festival of Les Garrigues

“They have achieved a mastered and excellent level of instrumentation and interpretation.”

Jordi Gargallo – Barcelona Musical Association of Master Conductors

“An excellent artistic work that evokes a musical past and present with a view to the future.A musical output full of knowledge, delicacy and care; and a personal contribution that respects tradition and our rich culture”

Manuel Granados – Professor of Flamenco Guitar in the Conservatorio Superior del Liceu, Barcelona



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Evoéh a Músiques de Butxaca a Igualada
November 17, 2023
9:00 pm - 10:30 pm
Evoéh a Músiques de Butxaca a Igualada
Lenguas minoritarias, Tradicón oral y Poesía.
Todo de Evoéh Ateneo Vilassanès
December 17, 2023
8:00 pm - 9:30 pm
Todo de Evoéh Ateneo Vilassanès
Sus dos grandes inspiraciones la tradición Oral y la Poesía



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integrantes del proyecto L'Aire

Winners of the song composition competition “Words on the Pentagram” from UNED

The jury of the song competition distinguished the song Un rossinyol cantava


Vivo sin vivir en mí

Throughout history, there have been many allusions to dying of love…