L’Aire: “Music and Dance related to Felip Pedrell”

Music and Dance related to Felip Pedrell

Felip Pedrell dedicated his life to extolling and working with traditional popular music. L’aire is made up of more than 70 songs collected throughout Catalonia, Valencia and the Balearic Islands. After spending many years trapped in his books, they resume their voyage through flamenco, fusion, and both modern and classical music.

The dance reflects bravery, hope, mystery, joy, madness and serenity.

Popular music is like air, you cannot tell where it comes from or where it is going. Little can be known of it, it can only be felt. Air moves softly and freely between tradition and future. It encounters no difficulty in crossing borders, opening doors or in shaking us up. It cannot be anchored, it is dynamic and it helps to change perspectives, to expand and to communicate.

Anaïs Muñoz de Casacuberta – Dance and choreography.
Ariana Barrabés – Voice, frame drum and tambourine.
Jesús Olivares – Spanish guitar, acoustic guitar and electric guitar.
José Luis Garrido – Drums and percussion.
Lucía Salgado – Oboe, harp and flute.
Natalia Brzewska – Violin.
Arabel • la Fernández – Viola.
Mariona Tuset – Cello.


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