Árbore da vida: “Rosalía de Castro and Galician Traditional Songs”

Rosalía de Castro and Galician Traditional Songs.

The traditional verses of Galician music meet poetry with the great Rosalía.

This music recreates and renews the alalás and Galician folk music, compiled more than a hundred years ago,with the sounds of flute, strings, guitars, pandero and tambourine.

The magic in the traditional Galician folk music inspired this project entitled Árbore da vida. It sinks its roots in tradition, flourishes in the present and bears its fruit on reinvigorating and reproducing this very tradition. Verses by CurrosEnríquez and Antón Noriega Varela are also included.

Ariana Barrabés – Voice, frame drums, tambourine.
Jesús Olivares – Spanish guitar and acoustic guitar.
Lucía Salgado – Oboe.
Natalia Brzewska – Violin.
Arabel•la Fernández – Viola.
Mariona Tuset – Cello.

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