Music and Poetry


Poetry with a Flamenco air, Folk, Renaissance, Traditional and Contemporary.

Jesus’s sideas a musical composer and arranger could becapturedin the texts of numerous poets.Evoéh first saw this source of inspiration in the verses of Miguel Hernández and in traditional melodies collected by Federico García Lorca. The group captured them in its first album Cadencias, released in 2012.

This was just the start of a musical creation that continues to evolve and be inspired by the verses of Santa Teresa de Jesús, San Juan de la Cruz, Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer, León Felipe, Rosalía de Castro y Jorge Manrique, among others.

Music and poetry have always gone hand in hand. The lyrics of the traditional songbook are just poems, in many cases of unknown origins, but this does not make them any less emotional.

Ariana Barrabés – Voice, frame drums, tambourine.
Jesús Olivares – Spanish guitar and acoustic guitar and lute.
Lucía Salgado – Oboe.
Natalia Brzewska – Violin.
Arabel•la Fernández – Viola.
Mariona Tuset – Cello.

Anaïs Muñoz – Dance.

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