Amor et Fides: “Medieval and Renaissance Music”

Medieval and Renaissance Music

A journey through the songs of love and devotion from medieval and renaissance times. It recollects the world of the Occitan troubadours, the devotion of the cantigas de Santa María, the affectionate sighs of the cantigas de amigo and the dances of the Llibre vermell de Montserrat, (Red Books of Montserrat). It also includes glimpses into the world of Muslim Spain (Andalucí).

Of note is the reduced size of the musical formation and the versatility of the musical timbre when combiningvoice, harp, zither, lute, saz, psaltery, tambourine and various percussion instruments.

Ariana Barrabés – Voice, frame drums, tambourine and bow psaltery.
Jesús Olivares – Arpa, saz (baglama), lute, zither (trapezoidal psaltery), ngoni (African harp) and tambourine.
Anaïs Muñoz – Dance.

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