Who we are

Ariana Barrabés and Jesús Olivares created Evoéh as an open artistic project, with the intention of giving a new vision to the music and poetry of our surroundings through various projects and formations. With artistic practice they want to fill the space with emotions and build bridges between dance and very diferent musical styles.



Cadencias, Barcelona, 2012.

Ariana Barrabés – Voice
Jesús Olivares – Guitar

El poeta del viento: Homenaje a León FelipeBarcelona2015.

Ariana Barrabés – Voice
Jesús Olivares – Guitar
Lucía Salgado – Oboe
Natalia Brzewska – Violin
Arabel•la Fernández – Viola
Mariona Tuset – Violoncello

Cantadme galanica: La magia en la voz de la mujer sefardí, Barcelona, 2016.

Ariana Barrabés – Voice, frame drums y salterio de arco.
Jesús Olivares – Spanish guitar and bow psaltery.
Lina Lomanto – Piano, key boards, karkabas and vocals .
José Luis Garrido – Drums y percussion.
Pep Colls- Double bass
Rubén Fernández – Voices
Pedromari Martín – Frame drum, tambourine, darbuka, riqq y suling.