Sephardic tradition

Sephardi refers to the Jews who were expelled from Spain in 1492. They carried a great cultural treasure to the various places in the world which they crossed in their exodus. Coming into contact with new languages and customs enriched their musical tradition; a “Romancer” tradition originated, one which has captivated us with its beauty.

The Sephardic legacy has scattered and evolved (and still does) in many different directions and places. For this reason, Cantadme Galanica does not present a homogeneous appearance. Instead, each song has its own personality. We use the sounds of flamenco, jazz, tarantella, folk, and renaissance; and of course, Turkish and Moroccan musical styles. Some themes are reinvented and others are interpreted as they were written in the sixteenth century.

Cantadme galanica
Magic in the voice of Sephardic women

Judeo-Spanish Melodies of oral tradition are the source of inspiration for this project.

The Galana represents all women who, hidden from the public eye, passed these songs down from generation to generation.

It combines elements of modern and traditional music, current and ancient instruments, in an original and innovative concept.

Cantadme Galanica combines the modern combo (drums, keyboards and bass) and some traditional and ancient instruments (bow psaltery, framedrum and karkavas). Of course, Spanish guitar and singing are the main elements that Evoéh keeps in common with its other projects.